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One of the largest and most modern service centers for Pratt & Whitney GTF aircraft engines worldwide

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Our story

The company began operating in 2020, but the origins of the organization date back to December 2017. On that day shareholders signed the founding act of EME Aero. Half a year later, the construction of the plant, recruitment, training and shaping the organizational culture began. Within two years, we have created a technologically advanced facility and trained hundreds of specialists.

Today, the company hires almost 700 people, and the target number of employees will exceed 1,000.

Now you can be one of them too!

12.2017The shareholders: Lufthansa Technik and MTU Aero Engines, sign the company’s founding act.

03.2018Selection of the location for the plant and the purchase of land in Jasionka near Rzeszów.

06.2018Start of construction of the plant.

09.2018The ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the construction of the plant.

12.2019 – Completion of construction and start of operations. The first engine induction. 

04.2020Completion of the first repair for the customer.

08.2021 – Another engine in the EME Aero portfolio. LBA certification for PW1500G maintenance. 

03.2022 – Hundredth service visit.

04.2022The first PW1500G engine leaves the EME Aero service center. 

First PW1900G induction

Our mission, vision and values

Passion driven performance

We believe that what motivates and drives us to act is passion, thanks to which we shape the world of servicing aircraft engines towards excellence.

Providing the best quality, safe and healthy working conditions are the main benchmarks that we follow every day.

Our corporate values, voted on by employees, create the expected behaviors’ and attitudes’ that each of us strives to implement on a daily basis.


Full of passion to act, we are happy to face everyday challenges. We undertake new tasks, and thanks to the full commitment of all of us, we keep bringing our business to a higher level. The highest quality and mutual trust are at the basis of our cooperation.

We take responsibility for what we do. We implement new solutions and improve the current ones to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We always put safety first as well as take care to maintain full transparency and honesty.

Teamwork and mutual respect accompany us every day. Our cooperation is based on the fair play principles. We know that work is not everything, so we remember to keep a proper balance between professional and private life.

Creativity is present in our daily activities. We believe that only with an open mind we can achieve success. Taking up new challenges and constantly expanding our skills allow us to create innovative solutions that change the face of our brand.

Meet our team

We believe that what motivates and drives us to operate effectively is the passion that unites all EME Aero employees.

Boards of EME Aero steering the company

Dr. Ulf Reinmöller

Business Director, Board Member


CEO of EME Aero from October 1st, 2021. Previously associated with Lufthansa Technik,  for 19 years. Responsible for EME Aero Business Area including: Quality management, Test Cell, Finance, Customer Support, Lean Management, IT and HR. 

Robert Maślach

Operational Director, Board Member


He has been associated with EME Aero since 2018. Previously, for over 10 years, he cooperated with MTU Poland. He coordinates the Operations Areas including: Disassembly, Assembly, Technology, Supply Chain, Cleaning & Inscpection, inluding NDT.

Aleksandra Szafraniec

HR & Communication Director


HR & Communication Director since March 2018. She has been associated with EME Aero since the very beginning.  Responsible for the greenfield period, building  HR processes including employees development and communication area.  

Artur Pawlica

Finance Director


He joined the ranks of EME Aero in March 2018 as a Finance Director. Previously, he cooperated with MTU Poland and Pratt & Whitney Rzeszow. He held several management positions in the finance of the aviation industry.

Grzegorz Skiba

Director of Manufacturing Engineering


He started working with EME Aero in November 2018. Initially, he held the position of Production Engineering Manager, but only a year and a half later he was promoted to the position of Director. Previously associated with the aviation industry. 

Maciej Jagiełło

Quality Director


He has been associated with EME Aero since 2019. Initially, he managed certification and admission to the service. Currently, he is responsible for the Quality Department. He has over 11 years of experience in the aviation industry.

Robert Firczyk

Production Director

Associated with EME Aero for almost 2.5 years. Previously serving as a Test Cell Manager. A graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, with an MBA. Possesses extensive professional experience.

Grzegorz Ciepiela

Supply Chain Director

Joined EME in 2021. Initially, held the position of Cleaning, Inspection and Repair Manager. As of 2022, he takes the position of Supply Chain Director managing the areas of Logistics and Purchasing & Material Planning.

EME Aero is a team of people working together for a common success

We believe that the way we work and how we understand and run our business is just as important as our organization’s success.


Meet our employees.

See how we work


Admission inspector


Quality inspector


Tooling Engineer


Coordinator of Engine Configuration and Technical Documentation


Aircraft Engine Mechanic


Quality & Component Certification Specialist


Aircraft Engine Mechanic


Aircraft engine mechanic


Aircraft engine mechanic


Test Cell Inspector


NDT Inspector

Join us - the company servicing GTF engines!

Grow in one of the areas.

We believe that only satisfied, passionate people can work effectively, develop and make a valuable contribution to the company’s development. We know that how we do our work and understand our activity is just as important as our business success.

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Cleaning, special processes and quality control

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