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Disassembly & Assembly

The department performs disassembly and assembly of aircraft engines and components (based on technological specifications and technical drawings) as well as conducts quality control of the work performed. Mechanics create technical documentation and perform light, manual repairs of parts – in accordance with the specified quality and safety requirements.


Cleaning, Inspection & Repair

The department is responsible for initial inspection of engine parts, cleaning of disassembled components on an automated chemical washing line, and non-destructive testing of individual components. Activities performed in the NDT area include tests and examinations using computerized measuring equipment and advanced procedures (FPI, MPI).


Engine Test

The department is responsible for conducting engine tests to obtain the data necessary to examine engine parameters and determine performance characteristics. Tests at EME Aero are carried out in one of the world’s state-of-the-art test chambers (Test Cell). The test is the final stage of verification before the engine is handed over to the customer.


Technology Department

The Technology Department determines the scope of work to be carried out during a service visit and provides technical support for engine service processes. It is responsible for preparing technological documentation in accordance with product requirements, registers all components in the system, and confirms from the technical configuration side which parts should be installed on the engine.


Logistics Department

The Logistics Department manages, plans and flows materials, semi-finished products and products in such a way that they do not linger in the warehouse and reach their destination on time. EME Aero’s Logistics Department consists of several areas: Goods Receipt Team, Internal Transport Team, Chemical Warehouse Team, Warehouse Office Team, Marshalling & Kitting Team, Packing & Shipping Team and Customs Team.


Quality Department

The department is responsible for managing the quality system at EME Aero.The Quality Engineering team is responsible for maintaining the necessary approvals and obtaining new overhaul authorizations, supervising processes from a quality perspective, and preparing technical documentation. The Quality Assurance team monitors the work performed in terms of technical and quality requirements and issues certificates for products (so-called Authorized Release Certificate).


Maintenance - Aviation Infrastructure Systems

The Team is responsible for maintaining the building and technological equipment in a state of efficiency in accordance with legal and economic requirements. It is responsible for the calibration of equipment, ensuring the appropriate technical infrastructure (machinery, installations) and support in maintenance and service topics.


Purchasing & Material Planning

The Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing materials and services as well as supplying the company with necessary materials, semi-finished products, equipment and supplies. It deals with contacting suppliers and conducting purchasing processes and negotiations.

The Material Planning Department determines the need for material resources (raw materials, components, materials) and analyzes their consumption in order to ensure the continuity of supplies necessary for the performance of the service plan


Finance & Controlling

The Finance Department is responsible for organizing and conducting accounting. The Accounting and Controlling team plans and coordinates financial processes in the company and ensures the correctness of the financial operations carried out. It performs business analyses, prepares forecasts as well as organizes, controls and coordinates the correctness of the flow of accounting documents.


HR & Communication

The department is responsible for processes related to human resources management, including recruitment processes and personnel administration. It plans training and employee development activities. The Communications & EB team is responsible for topics related to external and internal communications and implements branding activities.


Customer Service & Invoicing

The Customer Support & Invoicing Department is responsible for ongoing communication with customers. It reports on the status of engine repairs, documents and invoices engine service visits, and obtains approval from customers for replacement or purchase of new parts.


Production Control

The department is responsible for analyzing service plans, controlling their implementation and monitoring of the repair schedule. Taking into account the ranges of planned repairs, it determines the number of service visits performed in a given month or year. The Production Control team is responsible for analyzing production forecasts and optimizing processes in all engine service cycles.


Lean Management Team

The Lean Management team builds a culture of continuous improvement in the organization by streamlining operational and administrative processes. It creates work standards, initiates optimization projects, conducts internal lean training, and implements lean tools and techniques for continuous improvement in the company.


EHS Team

The EHS team carries out supervision of compliance with regulations and rules related to occupational health and safety, environmental protection as well as fire protection. The team evaluates occupational risks at workplaces, monitors potential occupational hazards, conducts inspections of work conditions, and handles technical acceptance of workplaces and equipment.