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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people with diverse experience - both professionals open to new challenges and graduates looking for their first job.
We recruit for operational areas (technical and production) and administrative & business support departments.

At EME Aero, we focus on people

At EME Aero, we focus on people

The wide range of activities allows me to perform completely different tasks every day. What’s more, after reaching the highest level of development, it is always possible to apply for internal recruitments. I did it with the Test inspector job offer and was positively verified.
Test Cell Inspector

At EME Aero, we focus on people

At EME Aero there are many development opportunities: from training that we choose individually, through various actions participation, to promotion to other positions. I myself finished a nearly 6-month training cycle in Hanover. If I could advise new people, I’d say not to be afraid of trying, because the hardest step is to take… the first step!
Aircraft Engine Mechanic

At EME Aero, we focus on people

At EME Aero, I feel appreciated by both management and my colleagues. As a young employee, I know that I can learn a lot here. I am currently finishing studies in management co-financed by the company as well as I learn English with a native speaker. In addition, I am an ambassador of EME Aero which makes me proud!
Admission inspector

At EME Aero, we focus on people

We are a young team, so there is no age barrier between us, and sometimes it is really fun. Personally, I have never felt that I work in the "male industry", but only in a men's company. So if you girls feel you have a drive for mechanics, then it's worth trying!
Aircraft Engine Mechanic

At EME Aero, we focus on people

“I worked as a technical consultant when the EME Aero facility was still under construction. It was supposed to be another project for another factory in Poland. During this time, I was observing the possibilities of the organization, which made me get a job as a machine and equipment planning engineer shortly thereafter. If you are looking for a place where you will be able to increase your competences, set goals and be a part of an organization with high culture, EME Aero is for you.
Instrumentation Engineer


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Admission inspector


Quality inspector


Instrumentation Engineer


Coordinator of Engine Configuration and Technical Documentation


Quality & Component Certification Specialist


Aircraft Engine Mechanic


Aircraft Engine Mechanic


Test Cell Inspector


NDT inspector

Stay up to date with our offers

Due to the increase of service capacity and expansion of our engine portfolio, we expand our structures and develop existing teams. Get to know our departments and check out open recruitments.

Meet our departments

Cleaning, special processes and quality control

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Disassembly and assembly of engine

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Obsługa Klienta & Fakturowanie

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Płatny Program Stażowy

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Why is it worth working with us? Check what we offer and what benefits await you at EME Aero!

Stable employment and great prospects

We offer full-time jobs based on a contract of employment (the first for a period of at least 12 months), a transparent career path, long-term perspectives and wide development opportunities.

Professional onboarding

Before starting work, you will take part in a series of theoretical, practical and language trainings that will prepare you for your new position. For a good start of our cooperation, you will receive a special welcome package from us.

Private medical care

Each EME Aero employee is covered by private medical care, which enables to receive free help from 23 different specialists. For an additional fee, you can purchase a package for your family as well.

Foreign languages learning

We offer funding for an English language course. You can choose group lessons or individual classes with a lector. The course takes place in the company, and you can adjust its frequency and time to your own schedule.

Life insurance

At EME Aero, you can join an insurance policy and choose one of several insurance options. The offer is also addressed to employees’ family members.

Co-financing for meals

We offer co-financing for meals in the employee canteen. Every day you can choose from meat, vegetarian and fit dinners, soups, salads and desserts. Our employees have modern canteen. spacious kitchens and social rooms at their disposal.

Flexible working time

Working in a one-shift system, you have the option of using an individual working time schedule and starting your day between 6:00 and 10:00.

Ergonomics and comfort of work

We offer ergonomic equipment for workplaces and social rooms. In the service hall we work with modern lifts for hanging aircraft engines, and in the administrative part – at desks with electric height adjustment.

Co-financing for specialized courses

We invest in employees and their development – we offer specialized courses, workshops and training, both internal and external. If you decide to continue your learning, you can get funding for various forms of education (e.g. higher education or postgraduate studies).

MyBenefit platform

At EME Aero you get access to an online platform with a wide range of non-wage benefits. You decide what you spend the funds provided by the company. You can choose from Multisport cards, theater and cinema tickets, shop vouchers etc.

Occasional and integration events

We care about work-life balance and a good atmosphere at work, which is why we organize special events and co-finance integration meetings of employees and their families.

Co-financing for hobby activities

As part of an internal initiative (Group Activities), each employee can apply for funding for selected hobby and sports activities, such as go-carting, zumba, horseback riding or volleyball.

Relocation package

If you change your place of residence in connection with the start of work, you can count on us to cover part of your moving expenses. We will finance the cost of the transportation service and pay you a relocation allowance to cover increased living expenses.

Bus stop and bicycle parking

For EME Aero employees, there are three parking lots (with spaces for cars and motorcycles) and an electric vehicle charging station. There is a bus stop and bicycle parking right below the company.

Internal Employee Recommendation Program

Recommend your friend to us, and if he or she starts working, you will receive additional points to use on the MyBenefit benefit platform.

Work in a modern and safe plant

As a joint venture between international companies, we draw on the experience and expertise of both partners to provide world-class services – meeting the highest quality requirements and safety standards.

Unique organizational culture

We work based on cooperation, respect, trust and partnership relations. We create an organizational culture that encourages development and creative work. We care about health, comfort and ergonomics at work. We willingly engage in initiatives for the benefit of the local community and the environment.

Recruitment process

What is the recruitment process at EME Aero and what can you expect at its various stages?

Don't be shy, apply!

Let us get to know you – send us your CV in Polish and English. You can apply for a specific advertisement or send your CV for future recruitments.


Let's talk

After reviewing the applications, we contact the selected candidates. At this stage we talk about your experience and qualifications, inquire about details of your education, your expectations and your English language skills.


Let's meet

The next stage is a meeting between you, your future supervisor and an HR specialist. During the meeting we will get to know each other better and you will learn more about your future role. For some positions there will be additional test tasks


Welcome on board!

After the meeting, we will give you feedback and a decision. We will present the selected candidate with an offer and employment conditions.

Welcome on board and see you at the onboarding!


We are EME Aero!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are interested in a specific job position, please send us the application form related to this offer. Current job offers can be found here. If we are not currently recruiting for the positions you are interested in, please send us your resume for future recruitments. For this purpose, use the application form. Detailed information on the recruitment process can be found here.

Information on the current recruitment processes can be found here. If we are not currently recruiting for the positions you are interested in, please send us your resume for future recruitments. For this purpose, use our application form.

It depends on the position you are applying for. We are looking for people with diverse professional experience, both graduates of technical faculties and specialists open to new challenges. Requirements for candidates are detailed in each of the available offers.

You have no previous work experience? No worries. The beginnings of working at EME Aero include an intensive training program that lasts up to several months. During it, new employees acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.

Depending on the position, we expect you to speak English at the level of min. A2/B1. Working in operational positions requires daily contact, among others with technical documentation in English. For some positions that involve contact with English-speaking people, very good/fluent knowledge of the English language is required.

The beginning at EME Aero is an intensive training program. It includes several weeks of language training, so you can improve your competences and learn technical vocabulary (it will be needed, when working with English-language technical documentation). If you do not feel confident with the knowledge of a foreign language, but want to continue learning it, we will provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills. After completing the training, you will be able to enroll in an English language course and use the free online platform for learning foreign languages.

After correctly completing the application form and sending your CV, you will receive an email confirmation. We kindly inform you that we only contact selected candidates. You will be informed about the next stages and/or the status of the recruitment process by e-mail or phone.

A detailed description of the recruitment process can be found here. It basically consists of several steps. The first is an initial phone call. For most operational/technical positions, the next step is the additional test tasks (manuals, technical and/or substantive). The last stage is a meeting with the future supervisor and HR specialist. Most of the recruitment interviews take place at our plant in Jasionka.

If we are not currently recruiting for the positions you are interested in, you can send us your CV for future recruitment processes. Use the application form and send your documents via the “spontaneous application”.

If you are interested in several positions, you can apply for more than one offer. If you qualify for the next stage, we will contact you and discuss your plans and preferences.

Detailed information on benefits at EME Aero can be found here.

We organize paid, six-month internship programs. Information on who we are looking for, what we offer, what the internship program looks like, what we expect to start and what you will learn with us, can be found here.

Find out as much as possible about our company and the department you are applying to. Additional information can be found on our website and on EME Aero social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Before the interview, read the job description and the requirements. Remember that during the meeting we will ask you a few questions in English.

Prepare the questions you want to ask us during the meeting. Organize and re-read all the information you have included in your CV to be able to tell the recruiter about all the sections and elements from your application document.

Reflect on your strengths, tell us about your successes and try to relax. For our part, we will do everything to create the most comfortable conditions, conducive to effective conversation. Remember about punctuality. Check how long it will take you to get to Jasionka and if you know the exact address. This will allow you to avoid additional stress.

Our plant is located in Jasionka near Rzeszów. You can reach us by car, bus or bike. Right next to EME Aero there is the final MPK stop of the bus line No. 51 running on the Rzeszów – Jasionka route. The stop was set up so close to the plant in order to provide comfortable and safe conditions for our employees to travel.

Information on our operational activities and what we do and what makes us different can be found here. Information on current job offers, the recruitment processes, areas for which we recruit and the benefits offered are described here. Find out about what’s happening at EME Aero here.

Follow information about us on our channels. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

The proposed wages for individual positions depends on professional experience, education, level of English language and the degree of matching the professional profile to a given offer. We discuss financial matters with each candidate during the first interview. In addition to the basic salary, we offer salary and non-salary benefits, which you can read more about here.

The beginning of work at EME Aero is a several-day adaptation process that consists of a series of theoretical and practical trainings that will prepare you for the position, as well as allow you to better understand our company, culture and values.

Time after onboarding is an intensive program including technical, substantive and language training. It lasts from several weeks to several months, and during it you will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for your position. Training takes place at our plant in Jasionka, and during it, employees receive full remuneration.

At EME Aero, the employees work under a contract of employment, full-time (40 hours a week). We do not practice part-time employment. Interns (students) work on the basis of a mandate contract and their working time is about 100-120 hours a month.

The training program preparing for work in certain positions lasts several months. Therefore, we care about long-term cooperation. Our employees sign an agreement to improve their qualifications, for example in the position of Aircraft Engine Mechanic, Repair Mechanic, Quality Inspector, Test Cell Operator.

At EME Aero, depending on the position held, we work in a one-shift and/or two-shift system, from Monday to Friday.

Shift work (5:45 – 14:00, 13:45 – 22:00) concerns operational positions (including Aircraft Engine Mechanic, Quality Inspector, Certifying Support Staff, Test Cell Operator, Logistics Operator). Working in a one-shift system, you have the opportunity to take advantage of flexible working hours and start your day between 6:00 and 10:00.

The relocation package is one of the benefits at EME Aero. It is granted to employees who, due to starting work in our organization, purchased/rented a flat/house in Rzeszów or its neighborhood. This is a cash bonus payable for 3 months from the date you start working with us.

In addition to the extensive initial training process, EME Aero employees can benefit from funding for various development activities, including further education or language training. Every year, as a part of the Annual Interview, we agree with our employees on an individual direction of their professional development at EME Aero.

As our employee, you have the opportunity to raise qualifications and competences, as well as get a promotion in the company’s structures (vertical and/or horizontal) – also as a part of internal recruitments.