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Our internship program is a great opportunity to start a career in one of the largest and most modern GTF MRO aircraft engine service centers in the world.

We offer 6-month paid internship programs in the areas of:

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We believe that only a practical approach allows to gain the necessary experience and knowledge, which is why we involve our interns in the daily tasks and actual duties of employees. Our interns learn, develop and acquire new practical skills under the guidance of experienced specialists in the aviation industry.

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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious students who want to start their career in the aviation industry.

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At EME Aero, we focus on people.

At EME Aero, we focus on people.

EME Aero can make great use of the potential of students to gain their first professional work experience. The advantage of the internship is the flexible schedule, which makes it possible to connect study and work. What I like most is the atmosphere in the department and the supportive attitude of the whole team. Besides work, there is time for departmental integrations and participation in interesting initiatives. Subsidized lunches at the canteen are also among the advantages.
Intern in the Communications & EB Team

At EME Aero, we focus on people.

The most valuable aspects of the internship for me are, most of all, the opportunity to get to know the aerospace industry and work around the newest technologies. I like the atmosphere in the team and the approach to interns. A big plus of the internship is the meal subsidy offered by the company. EME Aero is a great place to start your adventure in the aviation industry.
Intern in the Technology Department

At EME Aero, we focus on people.

An internship at EME is a great opportunity for people who want to start their career path in a large and growing aerospace company. What's really nice is that our superiors give us an actual opportunity to grow and gain practical experience. The most valuable aspect of the internship for me is the flexible schedule, which does not interfere with my full-time studies. The atmosphere in the company also play a big role, I like the fact that, regardless of the position, everyone is on first name terms with each other. In my opinion, EME is the best place to take an internship.
Intern in the HR Team