EME Aero starts cooperation with Łańcut county in the field of vocational education

  • EME Aero and the Łańcut county signed an agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of education and vocational training.
  • The subject of the agreement is cooperation in the field of training and promotional activity between EME Aero and educational facilities managed by the Łańcut county.
  • In the School Complex No. 2 in Łańcut, a new faculty of Aircraft Mechanic Technician will be created and held under the patronage of EME Aero.
  • EME Aero, Engine Maintenance Europe, will start its operating activities at the beginning of 2020. The company will have a staff of 1,000 employees by 2026. The current level of employment is 130 people.

The following educational facilities governed by Łańcut county will be involved in the project: Centre of Practical Training and Vocational Education, Technical School Complex, School Complex No 2 and School Complex No 3.  

– We decided to establish cooperation with schools in Łańcut for several reasons. The Center of Practical training, which – as a result of activities undertaken together with the Aviation Valley – is a very well equipped educational facility, speaks in favor of this particular location. Another important advantage is also the fact that Łańcut is situated only 18 km from Jasionka and has an easy access to the highway – says Aleksandra Szafraniec, HR Director EME Aero, who signed the contract on behalf of EME Aero. – On the territory of Łańcut county  there are institutions offering education within the scope that is significant for EME Aero. We are convinced that among the graduates of schools in Łańcut there will be a number of persons who will find employment in our company. In particular, we are looking for aircraft engine mechanics for the disassembly and assembly area, quality and non-destructive testing controllers as well as logistics operators and engine test operators. – adds A. Szafraniec.

In the School Complex No. 2 in Łańcut, a new faculty of Aircraft Mechanic Technician will be created and held under the patronage of EME Aero. The class will be launched at the beginning of the next school year. EME Aero and the Łańcut county will jointly develop a curriculum for this educational profile, together with a system of specialized training courses for students and teachers, and a schedule of visits to the Training Center and Service Center of the company. Joint activities within the class supported by EME Aero will also include the development of English language teaching program, taking into account the specialist technical vocabulary which is indispensable for work in aviation industry.

– Participation of the company in the development of the curriculum for classes attended by potential future employees enables practical preparation for the profession. Highly qualified staff is the basis of any efficient enterprise – emphasizes Derrick Siebert, Board Member, Managing Director of Business at EME Aero – We were wondering what should we do at least to try to guarantee employees for our company in the future, when faced with a plan for service contracts for our company and with new large investments in the Podkarpacie province. We came to the conclusion that as a company we have to take control of the situation. It is already at the level of primary schools that we want to show employment opportunities after graduating from the faculty of Aircraft Mechanic Technician in order to change the perception of vocational education in Poland. This is well illustrated by the German market of dual education system, where both the state as well as the entrepreneurs operating within the chambers of commerce and industry are responsible for vocational education. The schools provide theoretical and general knowledge, whereas the employer provides practical learning of the profession – summarizes D. Siebert.

– The cooperation agreement concluded with Łańcut county is one of the elements of the strategy adopted by EME Aero under the name “Shape your future with us”, an active entrepreneur strategy, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills of using this knowledge in future employment. We are convinced that these activities will bring tangible benefits not only to the contracting parties, but also to the entire region – says Uwe Zachau, Operations Managing Director EME Aero. – Podkarpacie is famous for its long-standing aviation traditions and I am happy that EME Aero will also contribute to the development of this sector, not only by joining the group of Aviation Valley’s entrepreneurs, but also by exerting a real impact on education system.

EME Aero schedules to have its facility in Jasionka to be up and running at the beginning of 2020. At the moment, the company employs 130 people, however by 2026 the staff will amount to 1,000 employees. EME Aero Training Center has been operating for several months now; in this center the employees undergo theoretical training (in technical English, aviation law regulations, human factor and basic knowledge of the engine) and practical training with the use of a training engine. Employees are also offered training courses in the service centers of company’s shareholders in Germany.

– Together with the representatives of EME Aero, we will develop a plan for the organization of internships and vocational trainings for our pupils. The Centre of Practical Training in Łańcut will be adequately equipped to prepare graduates of the faculty of Aircraft Mechanic Technician to work with an aircraft engine – says Adam Krzysztoń, Mayor of Łańcut County. – Joint actions defined in the agreement will contribute to the extension of the educational offer within Łańcut county  and realization of  training courses at the faculty of Aircraft Mechanic Technician will increase the number of specialists available to undertake employment in the aviation industry, which is growing rapidly in our region – adds Mr. Krzysztoń.

Further information:

EME Aero is a joint venture between two leading aircraft companies, Lufthansa Technik and MTU Aero Engines AG. This joint initiative has resulted in the idea of creating one the most advanced MRO  (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) provider for the latest generation of geared turbofan engines from the PW1000G series.

The state of the art facility is to be built in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The two parties to the joint venture will invest a total amount of around 150 million euros by 2020. The facility is scheduled to be up and running in 2020, with a planned annual capacity of more than 450 engines shop visits.

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