The Ceremonial Start of the School Year at School Complex No. 2 in Łańcut with EME Aero

On September 2, at the School Complex No. 2 in Łańcut, the official Ceremonial Start of the School Year for the newly created Aircraft  Mechanical Technician Class took place, over which EME Aero took the patronage at the beginning of 2019.

Aleksandra Szafraniec – HR Director of EME Aero participated in the meeting with students. The Ceremonial Start of the School Year is also the start of the project that the company will implement together with the district of Łańcut in the field of vocational education. Students of the vocational training class will be trained according to a specially developed curriculum which includes both the substantive training, including an English language curriculum tailored to the needs of the industry, including specialist technical and practical vocabulary which will be based on classes in the modernized and adapted to the needs of the specialization Practical Training Center, and the internships at the EME Aero Training Center in Jasionka.

– The undertaken cooperation is a response to the growing need for practical training for the young generation, which will also join our company in the future. As a company that offers comprehensive training for employees at every stage of their professional experience, we are aware that investing in specialized teaching of people whose skills may constitute the strength of our team in a few years, is a great value – said Aleksandra Szafraniec, HR Director of EME Aero. – We are glad that we can contribute to the creation of a new aviation education center in the region. It will be a response to the current, growing needs of the industry. We will support students not only substantively, through lectures, but also through organized visits to our plant as part of their practical classes. We hope that the Aircraft  Mechanical Technician education class will be more and more popular among students, and their parents will trust and support us in building an attractive career path  in the aviation industry for their children – she added.

The School Practical and Vocational Training Center will adapt its technical facilities to the needs of the project being implemented. This will be possible thanks to the EU funding of PLN 1.5 million, which the district of Łańcut acquired as part of improvement of the quality of vocational education, in cooperation with EME Aero and Rzeszów University of Technology.

– The involvement of entrepreneurs in the practical training of young people is a unique opportunity for students to acquire skills corresponding to the real needs of the industry, and thus to accurately plan their careers at the high school stage. Such trends and educational models work well on foreign markets – said Bogusław Blajer, Director of the School Complex No. 2 in Łańcut. – Moreover, we are glad that as part of this cooperation we will be able to obtain the EU funding in the amount of PLN 1.5 m as part of a project to improve the quality and attractiveness of vocational education in a new specialization: Aircraft Mechanic Technician. Those funds will allow us to prepare and adapt the technical facilities, as well as train teachers and prepare them for a new curriculum for that specialization, developed in cooperation with EME Aero.

EME Aero plans to start operations at the beginning of 2020. The company currently employs 240 people. Ultimately, over 1,000 employees will be employed. The company actively conducts trainings at its Training Center in Jasionka, where future mechanics will learn the profession, and the students of schools covered by the cooperation with the district of Łańcut will be able to broaden their knowledge.


EME Aero is a joint venture of two leading companies in the aviation industry, Lufthansa Technik AG (50%) and MTU Aero Engines AG (50%). This joint initiative resulted in the idea of creating one of the biggest and most advanced MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) service centers for the latest generation of turbofan gear engines (GTF) Pratt & Whitney from the PW1000G series.

A modern facility is being built in Jasionka near Rzeszów, in south-eastern Poland. Both parties to the Project, will invest a total of approx. EUR 150 m until 2020. The full commissioning of the plant was scheduled for the beginning of 2020, with a capacity of over 450 maintenance visits per year.