Engine Service – New EME Authorizations for Boreblending Repairs

Engine service at EME Aero encompasses inspection, maintenance, and repair of individual components and assemblies. Our operational efforts involve expanding service capabilities and developing our employees’ competencies. Through a 5-day foreign training at the Pratt & Whitney Training Center in East Hartford, United States, attended by our team, we obtained new authorizations for performing precision repairs in the low and high-pressure compressor areas of the engine. See what we learned during the training and find out how these new authorizations will impact our service capabilities and operational plans!

What Will the New Authorizations Bring?

Boreblending is a precise manual operation of grinding and polishing damaged blade areas. This process is performed using a borescope device, a special probe with an inspection camera, inserted deep into the engine along with a tool allowing precise processing of the specific part. Boreblending enables repair without the need to dismantle larger modules.

“The training at Pratt & Whitney Center combined both theoretical and practical elements. Each participant had the opportunity to practice new skills on the training engine.” says Beata Turoczy, Production Master in the Test Cell area. “The training was conducted by an experienced Pratt & Whitney employee and qualified trainer who introduced us to the intricacies of this repair method.” she adds.

Comprehensive Engine Service: Expanding Service Scope and Reducing TAT

“Until now, we had to outsource blending services, which resulted in planning them well in advance. Obtaining approval for independent boreblending at EME Aero will significantly reduce the duration of this operation and, on a broader scale, shorten the overall engine service time.” summarizes Przemysław Kwarta, Production Support Engineer. “Currently, the time for blending with external service providers ranges from 6 to 14 days; conducting this procedure independently at EME Aero will take a maximum of 2 days.” he adds.

“Thanks to new skills and authorizations, we will be able to minimize the risk of part replacement when repair is possible, thus protecting the engine from increased scope of work.” explains Beata Turoczy. “Previously, to repair some parts, we often had to perform re-dismantling, changing the visit type to Heavy, significantly prolonging the overall engine service. Now, having approval for blending the module without dismantling to individual details, we can maintain the Light/Medium visit level.” says Przemysław Kwarta.

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Engine Service at EME Aero – Join One of Our Teams!

Thanks to the training, we gained practical and theoretical knowledge, obtained new authorizations, and expanded the scope of services provided at EME.

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