Mechanics with no secrets: PW1000 engines family

The Pratt & Whitney PW1000 engine family, commonly known as the GTF type, is the core of EME Aero’s service operations. It includes the following models: PW1100G-JM, PW1500G, PW1900G. They are used in Airbus and Embraer aircraft; all of them are also serviced in our service center. See what you should know about them.

PW1000 engines: technology of tomorrow

GTF engines are modern engine units; innovation of their design is based on the Fan Drive Gear System module (FDGS). Dedicated gearbox transmits all the torque and, as its name suggests, drives the fan. As a result, it reduces the rotational speed of the low-pressure turbine by up to three times.

The reduction has many advantages. Firstly, it translates into more efficient energy collection from the working medium of the engine, which is exhaust gasses. Secondly, it reduces fuel consumption, as well as noise emissions, and also minimizes the production of harmful compounds. Greater efficiency contributes to the reduction of rotating elements, too, and affects the weight of the unit, reducing operating costs.

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PW1000 engines in numbers

Implemented into operation just few years ago, the engines from the PW1000 family accumulated 4+ million flights. And that is only by the end of the third quarter of 2022. This turns into a total of 15 million hours of operation. It means savings of 3 billion liters of fuel and a reduction of 8 million tons of CO2 . A big advantage is the reduction of the noise level up to 75%, as well.

Pratt & Whitney GTF engines powering more than 1,300 aircraft for 62 airlines worldwide. This means that every 20 seconds a plane equipped with GTF engines takes off somewhere in the world.

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PW1000 engines we work with

PW1100G-JM engine

The PW1100G-JM is a turbofan engine that was certified in December 2014 and enter into service in January 2016. Engine is one of 2 engine option available for operators for Airbus A320neo planes.

Depending on its version, the PW1100G-JM has a thrust value of 24-33K. Other parameters are also noteworthy. A fan diameter of 206 cm, a length of 3,401 m and a total weight app of 3 tons. They all make it one of the largest engines in the PW1000 family.

PW1500 engine

The PW1500 engine, certified in February 2013, in service since July 2016. Thanks to the FDGS transmission and new technologies, it is today the basic power unit for the Airbus A220 family.

PW1900 engine

The PW1900 engine, certified in April 2017 at the latest, entered into service a year later. It is widely used in the latest generation of Embraer E190-E2 and Embraer E195-E2 aircraft.

You can read more about the parameters of all PW1000 engines serviced by us here.

With the highest bypass ratio in the history, the PW1000 models are the leading power units for the latest aircrafts. And because they operate quieter compared to classic models, and are designed for sustainable operations, they are becoming more popular. This, as well as low operating costs and continuous testing of new engine derivatives even more innovative in design, make GTF engines the future of civil aviation.